Plans built for every team. Flexible Service Hours

The only thing better than a project is a partnership, and this is the best we have to offer our partners. As we work with our clients, it’s our pleasure to find that relationships always develop. We may have been hired just to develop something, but we end up having great conversations, providing consultation, making adjustments, coming up with great new ideas, etc. We want to continue that relationship in a way that gives everyone security. 

How it works is that every month a package of hours is purchased from Signify Studio. These hours can be used at your discretion and on any option within the package. If not all hours are used, then they rollover into the next month indefinitely. These are your hours. You can let them build up or use them month-to-month, however works best for you.

To give you an idea of how this can be used, here are some examples: 

• On-going support, content management, conversion optimization, design, development for a website
• Working on a new web or mobile projects together without the need for a new contract
• Managing your websites, including domains, hosting, content, monitoring, SEO optimizations
• Design work including graphics, print, branding, etc..